Monday, April 16, 2012


First things first... welcome to my blog!  A place where I will be blogging about design, photography, fashion, my love for DIY, and my journey to where I am today.  So... thanks for checking me out.  Also do check out my official Britany Simon Design website at where you will find my portfolio, and design services that I offer.

Now... lets get to the good stuff.  A project, I lovingly like to call "Urban Funk".  I am a sucker for bold colors, and bold graphic patterns... so most of the spaces I design have those elements.  And this office space & apartment are perfect examples of that.  Using primary colors aren't something I typically do, but I was so pumped when I  met with my client and we wanted to keep with the colors already used in the architecture of the building.  My first thought was 'lego land'... so I wanted to make sure and keep the vibe feeling trendy, hip & fun.  (not that lego's aren't cool...but, you know what I'm saying...)

We had a tighter budget on this project for both the office & the apartment. I actually welcome a challenge, and it added another element of fun.  So I had to get creative with everyones favorite Ikea items, and shop at more commercial stores like target, and do some digging at my favorite stores Marshalls & HomeGoods.  I also did a bit of online shopping research to track down some great items for less.  I just love the way these spaces turned out.  What do you think?!?


  1. Love the youthful vibe and bright colors, sometimes just pops on a neutral background and sometimes bold and in-your-face.

  2. Awesome job!!! We have similar styles and I think you are super brave to go on design star...I hope you win!!!!